“Sea of Noise” Has A New Blues Sound

Wallace McDonald, Staff Writer

If John Mayer suddenly decided to stop playing guitar and only sing, it would probably sound identical to “Sea of Noise.”  


Instead of the long, drawn-out guitar solos that usually accompany blues of this style, St. Paul & The Broken Bones replace them with vocal riffs and lyrics that make this album so unique.


This album makes me nostalgic for a time I was never even alive for. The slow rhythm and soul make for deep heartfelt songs that have true meaning to the lyrics.  Every song has a message and is passionately sung in every instance.


The effort put into this album is obvious when you listen to songs like “Burning Rome,” and “Sanctify.”  It’s so easy to become repetitive in this older style of music.  


The scales and keys available in blues music create such a limited crawl space to work with. Often, old blues bands would literally just repeat the same riffs in a different order and call it a new song.  That said, it’s incredibly impressive how each song here is entirely unique and has its own individual spirit.


St. Paul & The Broken Bones kills it with their new album “Sea of Noise.”  The obvious ingenuity and heart that went into creating it makes it a must hear.