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A legacy in the company of greats

Throughout history, there have been dynasties that dominated their territories during their rule, such as the Roman Empire, the Mongols, the French Empire, or the Alabama Crimson Tide.

All four of which are renowned in their ability to dominate the battlefield and win in almost every matchup they face.

All four lead by heroic battlefield minds, such as Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Nick Saban respectively.

Once they eventually either die or retire, there’s a resulting power and talent vacuum. Sometimes it is filled effectively and sometimes it isn’t, and it results in an implosion.

For example, under Napoleon’s rule, the French empire dominated the European continent, and for a while, won almost every conflict they were in. Similarly, under Saban’s rule, Alabama dominated the college football world and won almost every battle they were in, with a win-loss ratio of  206 to 29. 

After the exile of Napoleon, the French Empire would never find a leader that could compare to his level, and as a result it would fall from its former glory on the European stage. 

One could draw a comparison between the great military leader and arguably the best college football coach to ever do it. Both are great minds and strategists, and both governed their field.

There isn’t enough evidence yet to claim that Alabama will fall after Saban’s retirement, but there are early signs of it. Some of Bama’s players are already leaving as a result of the retiring, such as their star wide receiver Isaiah Bond, and a sizable handful of other less notable players.

On the other hand, sometimes after a ruler falls, another one steps in their place.  Caesar died, he was replaced by Octavion and a strong line of emperors would follow after. The Roman Empire would persist for 1,409 more years.

Another could also compare this to college football’s strongest program, which after Saban’s retirement are signing Washington’s former head coach Kalen DeBoer, a coach with a career record of 90 to 11.

He led Washington to the national championship game last year in an undefeated run until the last game, losing to a powerful Michigan team.

No matter the wake left in their absence, these legends will be remembered for their power and strategy that helped them command the respect of their peers during their careers.

While Nick Saban probably shouldn’t be compared to military and political figureheads, I don’t care, because his success is unprecedented and at the level of these other great minds.

Throughout his career as head coach at Alabama, he won seven national championships, has never had a losing season, and has 16 straight 10 win seasons. 

Under his leadership, Alabama was the uncontested giant of the college football world, and many believe he is the best coach in college football’s history, me included.

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