Student Council Hosts District Rally

William Wallace, Staff Writer

The words “Student Council District Rally” don’t necessarily sound like a super fun time, but if you get into the details, you soon understand how wrong you’d be to think that.

Wando is a part of District 1, and this most recent district rally surely proved to be No. 1.

“There’s one [District Rally] every year for each district and they basically just to come together meet other students in your district,” said Student Council Advisor Caroline Albrecht. “We hear a speaker that talks about leadership and what other qualities you need to be successful in life and we go to workshops to learn about other student councils and what they do to make their student councils fun efficiently.”

So, in essence, it’s basically a student council meet and greet. Consisting of workshops and guest speakers, this rally helps to teach new and innovative ways to run the student body.

“It’s a bunch of people who are really enthusiastic about what they do,” Junior Class President Connor Griffin said. “We chant and we sing, and I know that sounds corny, but when you’re there, the atmosphere is really interesting and unique, and that’s one of the things that I really like about it.”

And the rally certainly wasn’t easy to put together. Wando Student Council was in charge of decorations for the whole event, and they chose “High School Musical” as the theme.

A member of the decorating committee Ashton Ledbetter says,

“It was a lot of like Wildcat quotes from the movie and basketball cutouts and we have a Troy Bolton cutout we used,” said decorating committee member Ashton Ledbetter.

On par with the energy of Student Council, the event was nothing short of energy packed. This rally takes place every year, and Student Council is sure to continue to inspire and educate on all the brand new ways to lead The Tribe.