Boys Lacrosse Brings Home State Title


Provided by Tom Connors

Opening face off

It’s never been done before, and it may never be done again.

The Wando boys lacrosse team took the state championship title for the third year in a row, and became the first ever class AAAAA champions defeating Nation Ford 19-9.

They became the first boys program in South Carolina state history to win three state titles in a row.

“You know, this season I am very proud of our guys for accomplishing their goals: Going three in a row was definitely a goal that they had,” Head Coach Lance Renes said.

“This is the first year they’ve had 5A. We’re the first 5A lacrosse state championship team as well. That was definitely a goal. SO, overall, very satisfied with the season and very proud of our guys for the hard work they’ve put in.”

The Warriors finished 14-4, but was undefeated against in-state competition through the season; a streak that now in place for the third consecutive season.

David Gottesman, all-state player, recipient of lower state honors and lower state goalie of the year, is proud to have been a part of an outstanding team for the past three seasons.

“It was pretty bittersweet at the end of the game because we won another championship, but then again it was the last time I was playing with all those guys I’ve been playing with for six to seven years. So, that was pretty sad, but overall it was pretty amazing,” Gottesman said. “It’s been a heck of a ride, and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else.”

After four years wearing a Wando jersey and three rings, senior defender Jack McCall, recipient of lower state honors, can’t believe it’s all over.

“I was pretty emotional knowing this was the last game I was going to play,” McCall said.

“I guess you don’t really understand the magnitude of it your first years, but it really starts to hit you your senior year, just how important it all is,” he said.

Senior defender Ian Kennedy is an all-state player, was named lower state defender of the year and is committed to play lacrosse at Hartford next year. Even though Kennedy has a future in the sport, he cherishes his time with Wando lacrosse.

“You’ll remember this for the rest of your life,” Kennedy said, “I had a great time with them.”

Many of the seniors have been playing together for up to six years, allowing them to build a bond that they will remember for a lifetime.

“I just ran up to the senior guys I’ve been playing with for so long and we all just kind of hugged it out,” Gottesman said.

After awards, all the seniors grouped together to raise their third consecutive state championship trophy together.

Juniors like Riley Seay have big shoes to fill, but after leading the team in scoring this season, Seay is prepared to help lead next year’s team.

“I’m proud of his accomplishments in the midfield,” Renes said about Seay.

“He led our team in ground balls. That type of stat represents someone who is hard nosed and blue collar. He’s the kind of guy that every game, he puts it all on the line and he comes in determined, he’s focused. I’m very proud of Riley, his accomplishments, and his leadership on and off the field,” Renes said.

Although the seniors move on to new walks of life next year, some involving lacrosse, some not; they leave behind a strong and capable team that hopes to make the three-peat into a four-peat.

“Being on a team with all your friends, people you’ve been friends with for years, that’s something special,” Gottesman said.