Coop’s winners and losers- Week 3

Winner- LSU: If blowing out Miami didn’t cement their place as a top team in the SEC, stunning seventh ranked Auburn with a last second field goal to win 22-21 did. LSU is on their way to becoming a great football program, but the Tigers will be tested again when Georgia and Alabama come to Death Valley later this year. If LSU somehow wins both of those games, I sharpie them into the final four.


Winner-  Alabama: Ole Miss had been a thorn in Nick Saban’s side for a while now, beating Alabama two of the last four meetings. The Tide put the Rebels to sleep, leading 49-7 at halftime and going on to win 62-7. Alabama is steadily marching through their season so far, and they are looking very tough to stop.


Winner- Texas: The Longhorns finally got a big win over a rival. It’s was a great game for a huge fan base that has suffered a lot over the last few years. The road to recovery will be tough, and Longhorns won’t be an elite team any time soon. Nevertheless, a win always helps, and beating USC should help team morale and confidence.


Loser- The entire BIG 10 Conference (except for Ohio State): The alleged best conference in college football lost seven games to unranked opponents in Week 3. Number six Wisconsin lost at home to BYU, Nebraska lost 24-19 to Troy, and Rutgers got housed by Kansas 55-14. Northwestern lost to Akron, Illinois lost to South Florida and Purdue lost to Missouri. It’s becoming evident pretty quickly that the BIG 10 is not the best conference in college football.


Loser- USC: The Trojans blew a 14-3 lead and ended up losing 37-14 to Texas. This Trojans team needs help after starting 1-2 this year and suffering back to back double digit losses. Texas is also not exactly the definition of an all star team this year, so USC is in trouble.


Loser- University of Arkansas Pine Bluff: They lost 90-6 to South Dakota State last weekend; yes 90-6, that’s not a typo. They also gave up 926 yards of total offense, not really a great game for them.