Teacher Feature of the Week: Getting WAC-y with Teacher of the Year Kevin Sneed

Kevin Sneed is probably most known for the fresh crime scene, dyed corn syrup and all, in the back of his classroom each semester and the fuzzy mess of tendrils that sit upon his head.

The 2016-2017 Teacher of the Year does indeed instruct the Project Lead the Way course Principles of Biomedical Science and a new course, Environmental Sustainability. Both of these are opportunities for students with an interest in science to apply what they’ve learned in regular Biology and Chemistry classes and introduce kids to new fields of science.

However, beyond the classroom, Sneed likes to get a little WAC-y. That is, he’s one of the sponsors for the Wando Adventure Club, or WAC for short.

Diane Krishon, Wando’s Wildlife Biology teacher, founded the club about 12 years ago. It was originally called W4, but WAC was decided on as easier to remember and catchier.

“Wando.. Wildlife.. White Water… I honestly think those were the four,” Sneed laughed. “We could never remember the four, so we changed the name to WAC.”

At the time of the club’s founding, Sneed was working at West Ashley High School where he sponsored a surfing club. He and Krishon soon began to have joint club trips, as most of the kids in from both clubs shared similar interests.

“I ran a surf club, and we just always took trips together. We would take my surfers camping. It was a good excuse to see the outdoors, and we’ve been doing it together now for 10 years,” Sneed said.

Born and raised in Mount Pleasant, Sneed grew up outdoors, especially around the water. His attachment to not only wildlife and nature but the area made WAC a match made in heaven.

“I think a lot of times you sometimes have disdain or look down upon the place you grew up in because you feel like you need to get away, but what many kids around here don’t realize is how special Charleston is,” Sneed said. “I want to let them know how great the place is and how cool it is to get outside.”

Besides Sneed’s local experience being outdoors, he’s taken various trips around the country. The most notable may be his two-month long journey the summer after his senior year of high school to see all four corners of the United States.

“I travelled around the country with two buddies in a Toyota 4Runner for two months. We had no idea where we would end up each night, so we got really used to camping,” Sneed said. “We camped in nearly every national park. Not every one, but very close to it.”

Sneed continues to make memories like these on the WAC adventures with kids each year. So far this year, they’ve kayaked and paddle boarded on Shem Creek, done a ropes course on James Island, hiked part of the Appalachian trail, camped on Caper’s Island and trekked through the Francis Marion Forest.

“We kind of hit repeat come spring. We’ll do all those trips again, so roughly 10 trips a year,” Sneed said.

The club technically has around 100 members, but the core of the club consists of about 20 kids that go on almost every trip. This group of WACers has proven to be possibly one of the most memorable for their love of playing a rather common game in extraordinary places: Jenga.

“Jenga becomes a full contact sport with this group, and I’ve just never seen anything as ridiculous as that. Our WAC trips are now about getting to cool places where we can play Jenga,” Sneed chuckled.

Whatever the motivation, though, Sneed is just happy to see the kids enjoying the outdoors and appreciating nature.

“The group we have right now is just amazing,” Sneed said. “This club is just a cool way to get some of these kids who don’t usually do that much to see how much of an awesome place we live in.”


For more information on the Wando Adventure Club, stop by Mr. Sneed’s room (D-221) or Ms. Krishon’s room (B-224).