Holly Kut Brings Together Special Education


Hearing yelling and the bounce bounce bounce of basketballs in the court floor. Constant encouragement in comments like “Great job!” and “Keep going!” all of this coming from Health and Wellness teacher Holly Kut’s fourth block spending their hour and a half every Friday playing with Special Education students. “Just my fourth blocks come down here every friday. We’ve been doing this since January. So it’s A day B days so it’s every Friday for these kids,” Kut said. The small gym behind the basketball bleachers fills up with the Special Education students and Kut’s fourth block and the basket balls come rolling in. This interaction with the students counts towards Kut’s requirement of community service for the semester. “They pick a topic, anything about disabilities…So they’ll research that disability, come present it and part of the project is a reflection on the whole semester. And that counts as their community service,” Kut said. The idea has grown and the goal formed into not only something they they had to do, but something they look forward to and something that was rewarding. “So they come down and they buddy up with the class and they just build relationships So it helps them as far as learning how to see the world outside of their bubble,” she said. Coming down and playing with the kids gives Kut’s fourth block a chance to personally grow as well. “I love getting some interaction with them…it definitely tests your patience,” on of Kut’s freshman students Muireann Faber said