Meet Coach Shilo Tisdale

Caroline Bryant, Staff Photographer

Q: What made you decide to become a soccer coach?

A: I really enjoy the excitement before games that little bit of a rush. When I could no longer play at a high level I did not want that feeling to go away. So coaching allows me the opportunity to still feel that excitement before matches.

Q: In addition to being a coach, why did you want to become a teacher?

A: I like working with kids and trying to make an impact in their lives. Teaching at Moultrie Middle School allows me the opportunity to try and steer kids in the right direction.

Q: What is your favorite part of being a coach and a teacher?

A: My favorite part is there is never a day that is exactly like the one before. There are different encounters and opportunities daily to experience something new or make a lasting impression.

Q: Based on your team’s previous success, what do you expect out of this season?

A: I expect the players to show up each day and do their best. To say I expect another State Championship would be wrong. I think we have a good chance of earning another State Championship by working harder and smarter than the competition.

Q: What does your life outside of teaching and coaching involve?

A: I have a great family. My wife Sue and two kids Arabella 11 years old and Tresten nine years old. If I am not with the team and either watching my daughter dance or play volleyball or coaching Trestens team.

Q: What has been the most memorable moment you have had from coaching?

A: I can’t say there is just one memorable moment. Being a part of a team that won 58 consecutive games and breaking the state record is great but my favorite moments are when past players check in and are able to say they are a contributing part of society and that I have helped instill some of that work ethic.

Q: What do you want your seniors to take away from your coaching after they graduate?

A: To add more of those memorable moments. Challenge themselves daily, contribute to society whether it be attending college, going straight into the workforce or even continue playing at the next level.