Upcoming Artist Daniel Light forges his own path

Haley Havelock, Features Editor

Sophomore Daniel Light is writing the rules to his own game in the quiet town of Mt.Pleasant. Surrounded by suburbia, white picket fences and dollhouse-like homes. Hoping to one day, make his mark in the music community.

He started making waves in Mt.Pleasant last year, when a diss track came out about his little brother.

“I was already making beats with [sophomore] Alex Green in his studio, so I already had an idea of what to do,” Light
said. “I was mad because it was on my brother for no reason, so I just started writing…”

Light’s track — posted on Youtube — got over 17.6k views in two weeks. It was the start of a change for Light.

“It came out of nowhere, I was the quiet kid,” he said. “After that people started looking at me different.”
Before his track, Light felt ignored and isolated from his peers.

“When I was younger I felt forgotten. I was bullied. Not in the sense of like getting hit, but I would say hey to people and get no response,” he said. “I would ask people to hang out — they wouldn’t. I would be laughed at… I was so tired of feeling ignored and disregarded and bullied.”

Peyton Raybon
Daniel Light expresses his creativity through his music and clothing.

Light said he ended up letting go of his fears.

“People were going to talk anyway, so at one point I got so tired, I started wearing weird clothes to express my creativity, I started making more music,” he said.

People have started to take notice on Light’s Art. Not just his music but his acting too. He does acting outside of school.

“I’ve seen him do things besides music like acting ad stuff he’s really involved in the arts, you can tell he loves what he does,” Green said. “He really has a strong passion for entertaining people.”

His passion for music is shown in numbers. Over the past year, Light has accumulated over 200,000 views on his videos, 10,000 followers on Instagram, over 18k listens on Spotify.

He has started getting recognized not just in Mt.Pleasant but in places like Charlotte, Dallas and Atlanta based off of his Spotify.

His music includes songs like “Frozen Coupe,” “Zookeeper,” “Forgive Me” and “Myself.” His songs are diverse, some about the rapper lifestyle while other songs demonstrate the more emotional side of Light.

“I started to write an album about so many things I didn’t really do, so I deleted it, and started my whole personal brand over,” he said. “I started making authentic clean deep music.”
Light is coming out with a new album Evolution vol. 1 Dec. 21. Light said this this album is going to be different then his others.

“Im evolving into my own sound, I take a lot from R&B, pop. The beats are hip hop and I rap and sing over them,” he said. “I really just am doing my own thing, you have to hear it.”
Light writes his own music and spends a lot of time in the studio.

“When I am recording, I am thinking about not how they’re going to react, but how my music is going to make them feel,” he said. “I want to make them feel something. That’s what I am all about.”
He started hitting up the studio and spending a lot of time with people who share the same love of music.

“It’s great being in the studio, you get everyone with the same vibe, you have people who want to hear your art, and you get a lot of connections. People get to see what you’re doing and what you’re about.”
Light said he let go of the fear of being judged and does not let people’s negative energy bother him.

“Once you have people that dislike you, and when you have a diffraction from your fans and haters, that’s when you know you’re making waves, that’s how you know you’re doing,” he said.
Even though Light said he has seen unkind memes that have surfaced on instagram, he does not allow the fear of being judged hold him back.

“A lot of people hold back because they are afraid of what others are going to say or think,” he said.
He has set big goals for himself that he intends to reach.

“I had to work hard to invest in my own music. I sold a lot of stuff. I pay for my productions, I pay to be able to get into the studio, I pay for my promotions,” he said. “My parents didn’t. You have to be able to market yourself right.”
He markets himself on his youtube and instagram — even just just his presence by wearing his own merchandise.

“I’ve been pleasing people my whole life,” he said. “The minute i started living for me and investing in my own well being and being myself, people called me selfish. If you don’t invest in yourself it’s not going to work, you have to believe in yourself for people to believe in you.”

Peyton Raybon
Daniel Light purses his career in hope of eventually moving to LA.

With goals including moving to LA, Light said he wants to give back to those who have supported him — and those who need a friend.

“I’ll go out of my way to sit with people who are sitting alone. I don’t want anyone to feel like how I did. Shunned, nervous or scared,” he said. “That’s what my goal is when it comes to the day to day and my music.”