Identical Bosak Twins to Play at Separate Schools


At seven years old, seniors Gabby and Alyssa Bosak began playing soccer together on a recreational league.

Since then they have played on team after team together, across club transitions and eventually onto their high school team through their junior year.

Now, 11 years later, the identical twin sisters signed onto different teams at the collegiate level.

Gabby is attending Pfeiffer University and Alyssa will be playing at Queen’s University.

After years of playing together, they acknowledge that it will be pretty different being apart from one another, but may also be a positive change.

“We’re kind of together 24/7 so I guess soccer has helped us bond but we also get into fights and stuff a lot more because of it,” Gabby said.

Alyssa elaborated on the future.

“I think we’re just excited to become our own people,” she said.

But after years of playing together, communication on the field has become second nature to the pair.

“Sometimes I feel like we think the same and kind of know what each other is going to do. She plays center-back and I play center-mid so she like kind of talks to everyone and I feel like she doesn’t really need to tell me what to do because I feel like we just kind of do it and make runs off of each other,” Gabby said. “We, like, scrimmage each other and I remember this one time Alyssa played a through ball and I just knew where it was going. Before she kicked it, I knew where it was going.”

Pursuing a sport through to the collegiate level takes up a huge amount of time and requires constant practice, but for the twins it was always worth it.

“I think it’s built character and it really helps you make friends and it gives you something to do, stay out of trouble, keeps you busy, meet a lot of people,” Alyssa said.