2018 Duke and Duchess

Preston Carlton, Breaking News

In the 2018 Wando Duke and Duchess awards, bioscience teacher Kevin Sneed was named the Duke of Wando and English teacher Shandra Drayton was named the Duchess of Wando.

“The fun is the most important part of the job,” said Sneed about being named Duke. “These things mean the most to me.”

Anything he can do to capture the entertainment of his students and fellow faculty is a win in his book.
Shandra Drayton was named the Duchess of Wando.

“I’m happy to win the title, but for me it was more important to know that I was helping,” she said.
Other finalists in the competition included Jason Brisini, Josh Driscoll, Brad Smith and Chris Turpin. Duchess finalists included Erin McGee, Erin Lowry, Caroline Campbell and Hannah Brandel.

Students voted for their favorite candidate by putting money in jars. Donations went the Children’s Miracle Network.