Varsity Volleyball Through Playoffs, Move on to Lower State

Grace Lady, Staff Writer


The Wando Varsity Volleyball team defeated Blythewood Tuesday, Nov. 8 at the Lowerstate Championship. The Warriors won in three sets to sweep the game.

This win puts Wando through to the State Championship on Saturday, Nov. 12 in Columbia against Dorman High School.


The smack of leather against palm, hardwood, and then palm again only strengthens the tension in the air.

Everyone in the oppressively-warm gym feels weight of the game, but no one feels it more than the six girls on the court.

None of varsity volleyball players cracked under that pressure Nov. 3, when they pulled out a win against Riverbluff in the third round of the playoffs to move on to the Lowerstate championship.

“I’m really happy,” junior Karen Majewski said, “I just really hope we repeat state again because that would be incredible, but we’ve got to get through each game.”

The Warriors lost the first set of the game, 24-26. The errors that led to this first loss put Coach Alexis Glover slightly on edge.

“It was interesting in this match because we made the same three errors in a row that we did against Lexington,” Coach Alexis Glover said. “Honestly that’s just not how we start. We usually start pretty strong.”

After a slow start the girls won the next three sets, 25-18, 25-17, 25-15 respectively, to capture the win.

“I knew we had it at the beginning of the second set, once we started turning it on,” freshman Ali Clare Jahn said.

Some key players in Thursday’s game include senior Sydney DeJong, junior Brooke Medders, Majewski, and sophomore Sarah Missroon. DeJong had 11 kills, Medders had 26 digs, Majewski 36 assists and Missroon had seven blocks. Both senior Katie Jacques and DeJong also had seven blocks.

Glover was especially impressed with Missroon, a young rightside hitter, who stepped up against Riverbluff.

“She’s a 10th grader, and she had seven blocks last night, so that’s huge,” Glover said, “Getting that kind of work out of that kid at that position, is icing for us. We expect a block or two, not seven.”

Looking forward to Lowerstate, Glover hopes to overcome some of the errors the team has been making, but is proud of the team for overcoming numerous obstacles this season. Multiple injuries to players such as junior starter Lexi Hellberg (shoulder) and freshman Grae Gosnell (concussion) have hindered the team.

“It’s been a tough year for us, but I think the kids have really pulled together and have really made the best of it and persevered and I think that’s what it’s all about,” Glover said.

Many of the girls are hopeful for another chance at a state championship. One in particular is Jacques, who has been on the varsity team since her freshman year.

“It makes me kind of sad to think I’ve only got two games left, but I want to go out with a bang,” she said.

The varsity volleyball team will face Blythewood Nov. 8 for the Lowerstate title and the opportunity to play at the state championship. The game will be held at Wando at 6pm.