Dreams come true in powderpuff for twins on winning team

Ashley Flint, Staff Writer

For decades, powderpuff has been an adored game for American high schools everywhere. For seniors Sarah and Kate Dodson, it is more than that.

“[Powderpuff brings us close] because when we make plays and are thinking of ideas for the team we are just laughing and we have a good time,” Sarah said. “This is good for our relationship because sometimes we get mad at each other for just being around each other 24/7.” Not only are the Dodsons sisters but are also fraternal twins.

“When people first meet us [they assume] we can read each other’s minds,” Kate said.

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, twin telekinesis does not exist. Instead, the Dodsons use their advantage as twins to work together on assignments from school as they usually take the same classes.

“The workload for school is easier because we can share and compare,” Sarah said.

From soccer to basketball and to Wando lacrosse, Sarah and Kate always have enjoyed playing the same sports with each other. The twins made the decision to add powderpuff to the list their freshman year.

“We saw everyone [playing powderpuff],” Sarah said. “The year people in the grade above us did it they always posted stuff and it looked so much fun so we wanted to try it out.”

This year the Dodsons played alongside their friends on The Dream Team with seniors Kellan Noonan, Andrew Weil, Huston Jones, Ari Ogretman, Zack Smith, Evan James, Jack Frain and Jack Brantley as coaches and senior Emma Stevenson as team captain. The team ended up winning the title of Powderpuff champions for the second year in a row.

“[Winning] was hype,” Sarah said. “We ended up celebrating the whole week.”

However, practice makes perfect. Unlike their junior and senior year, the Dodsons and their team lost within their first round of the game.

“[Powderpuff] was definitely harder freshman year,” Kate said. “It was definitely more intimidating but senior year was pretty much a breeze.”

During their sophomore year, the team did not participate in the game but made a comeback their junior year. Unexpectedly, their return to the field led to victory against a senior team.

“We were shocked because before we knew it, it was the finals,” Sarah said. “We didn’t think it was common for a non-senior team to win.”

Unfortunately since the Dodsons are seniors, this is their last year being able to play powderpuff for Wando.

“[Powderpuff] has taught us friendly competition and teamwork skills,” Kate said.

“Every year I look forward to Powderpuff,” Sarah said. “It’s a big part of my life.”

“[“I’ll miss] being together with everybody,” Kate said. “Even with people not on our team, just seeing everybody come together to have a fun game.”