‘The Perfect Date’ is incorrectly cast and repetitive

Ailsa Lewis, Staff Photographer

The Perfect Date, released on Netflix, stars Noah Centineo, Laura Marano and Camila Mendes in a coming-of-age story of Brooks Rattigan, who creates an app that allows him to be a “stand in” for girls that need a date, someone to talk to or piss off their parents in order to gain money to go to his dream school Yale.

The plotline in itself is somewhat new for a coming-of-age movie but the cliches and forced quirkiness make it lose credibility. It has the rich popular girl, Camila Mendes as Shelby Pace, the gay nerd best friend, Odiseas Georgiadis as Murph, and the unwanted edgy teen girl, Laura Marano as Celia Lieberman. You can’t forget the acclaimed “Netflix Boyfriend” Noah Centineo as the poor boy whose mother left (pretty similar to his role in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before), Brooks Rattigan.

It seems as though Netflix is hoarding Noah Centineo for their Rom-Coms, since he brings in the numbers of viewers. He definitely gets those numbers from his dreamy smile not his acting. This is a harsh judgment of his acting skills from someone that does not act. However, I still believe he is a shell of his characters and does not get into the the depths of his roles.

I was a big fan of “Austin and Ally,” a hit Disney show that aired from 2011-2016. Marano, who starred as Ally, was definitely the wrong pick for Celia Lieberman. She is not what pops into my head when I think “bad girl” or even an outcast that wears all black. Her voice and stature do not fit the role.

On top of the wrong casting, Laura and Noah had acted together in “Austin and Ally” and even had a dance scene together. Ally was known for her bad dance moves and that reflects in The Perfect Date. Celia Lieberman is a bad dancer and the end dance scene is very reminiscent of the “Austin and Ally” dance scene, which honestly triggered some nostalgia within me.

Don’t get me wrong — I can get behind a good rom-com, but this is a perfect example of a Netflix-produced teen romance movie from the cast, plotline and the one and only Noah Centineo.