Are actor’s high salaries justifiable?

They’re overrated and overpaid

Actors are one of the top paid professions in America for such little work. I understand some actors go through crazy transformations for roles like Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyers Club (2013) with the major weight loss but this is the outlier, not the norm. Most actors get to be in beautiful filming locations for a few months and then get ridiculously high paychecks for the simple roles. Actors such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson play the same character over and over again and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars every time. These actors have no real purpose to society besides providing entertainment, so there is truly no need for them to have the extreme wealth they do. Most common people are able to contribute to society better than the crazy rich actors, so the money needs to be distributed better to those who do these difficult common jobs instead of being hoarded with entertainment.

Actors deserves the pay

Actors dedicate their entire life to their profession, just like doctors. If their performance is great, then their pay should reflect that. While the net worths of certain A-list actors may seem a little high, with actors such as 7-time oscar winner Robert De Niro having a net worth of 500 million dollars, those actors have been building that net worth for their entire career. You also have to take into consideration that a much larger portion of the world views their performance than other professions. Some actors might make a lot more than life-saving surgeons, but surgeons don’t operate on millions of people every day like actors work to impress an audience of millions of people every day. Some people may think being an actor takes a lot less talent and hard work compared to a profession more stereotypically difficult, but acting has proved to be a very time consuming and draining business. Actors have died from failed stunts, intense method acting, and other things such as dramatically altering their own weight or appearance in a very short amount of time. Oscar winning actor Christian Bale lost 60 pounds in four months for his role in Machinist (2004). Oscar winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio, who is a vegetarian, ate raw bison liver and endured the chance of possible hypothermia for his role in The Revenant (2015). While these actors didn’t go to medical school for five years learning how to perform surgeries, they dedicate their entire existence to their work, and their whole lives revolve around their performances. Actors wake up at the crack of dawn and do take after take and memorize line after line 24/7. They have to build team working skills and learn how to work in every kind of condition you could imagine. Award winning actress Shelley Duvall endured abuse and constant criticism on the cold and isolated set of The Shining (1980), even having to do 127 takes of a certain scene until director Stanley Kubrick was satisfied with her performance. To me, acting seems like probably the most draining business someone could possibly be in, and I think they deserve every penny they earn.