“Cashmere” Isn’t Just a Hip Hop/Rap Album


Nathan Russell, Staff Writer

I’ll be completely honest: this album is definitely not your average rap album.

At first listen, you would think “Cashmere” was just another hip hop album. But after further examination, you will see it is much, much more.

Swet Shop Boys is the brainchild of ex-Das Racist rapper Heems. They sing about racial prejudices that people have towards people with Muslim origins, but with a hip hop twist.

In Cashmere, their new album, they continue sing about regular problems Muslims have with TSA, the cops, and pretty much every other law enforcement agency.

At the end of each song, there is a clip of a person’s voice that is either talking in Arabic or in a Middle Eastern accent. The voices speak of various subjects, but they add the feel of Muslim culture to every song.

This makes it so that even if you don’t listen to the lyrics, you still get the point each song is trying to get across to you.

With an open mind you will find yourself enjoying most, if not all of the songs in the Swet Shop Boys, Cashmere.