Cleveland Lines Up to Scalp The Cubs


Adam Duffy, Staff Writer

As a lifelong Mets fan, I have spent most of my life watching the World Series from the outside looking in (I will never see Kansas City the same again).This year an improbable series has been created between the cursed Cubbies and Believeland’s Tribe to shoot Major League baseball back into major headlines.

I am rooting for the Indians. This is why.

The Indians, like the rest of Cleveland, has a heartbreaking past (Do not even mention the Browns. 1987 is still sore). An inning away from winning the World Series in 1997. Losing to the Braves in 1995. A 33 year slump of tragedy and disappointment. Nothing has been handed to the Indians. The city itself had not won a championship in 52 years until Lebron James led the Cavs to win the NBA Finals. Seeing the Cavaliers hoist their trophy above their heads, watching the all-star match-up of Cleveland and Golden State, watching game seven go the the very last second and Cleveland pulling through.

This gave Cleveland hope.

This started an era of change, prosperity even. The Indians went on to a 12 game winning streak after the Cavaliers game seven win. If the Indians win the series, they will be the second city ever to take home both the World Series and NBA Finals in the same year. In all other instances, the Cubs should be supported. After all, they are holding a 108 year World Series win drought. But, this year, all signs point to Cleveland.