Death Race For Love is a album featuring well created rap



Album Cover

Nathan Russell, Sports Editor

Juice WRLD never ceases to amaze. Once again he made an absolute banger of an album. The songs in Death Race For Love cover all genres from screamo rap, to his main focus emo rap.

If you are not a rap fan, those two genres are opposites. However, even if you have never listened to rap before, I recommend listening to this album. It is that good. My favorite three songs are definitely “ON GOD,” “Robbery” and “Maze.”

“ON GOD” is the 17th song in the album and is true emo rap. Every word you can feel the emotion that Juice is trying to convey, which in this particular song seems to be mixed feeling coming from the point that money doesn’t give you everything. Whatever the case, the song ends up being smooth as silk with a very easy to listen to beat.

“Robbery” was one of Juice WRLD’s many songs that was leaked in 2018. Once again “Robbery” is another perfect example of emo rap. The feeling is told entirely by the title “Robbery” which is referring to the ability to love his girlfriend being taken from him when they broke up. Needless to say, the song is pretty sad. Even with the sad vibe given from the song, it is just such a good song.

“Maze” is the second song in the album and is you guessed it emo rap. “Maze” is one of the shorter songs of the album at 2:24, but it manages to cover one of the more serious issues in the album: the infinite circle of drug use. The beat alone would, as Juice said, make it seem like “everything’s okay but it’s not really okay.” But it is only when the lyrics are heard that the true feeling and the ability to see just how dark the song gets is revealed.

I have been talking with many of my friends about Death Race For Love, and I promise I am not lying to you when I say I haven’t met someone who truly doesn’t like the album. At the very least this album is worth a listen. Once again, Juice WRLD crushed it.