“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” Magically Brings Back Harry Potter Nostalgia

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Magically Brings Back Harry Potter Nostalgia

Erin Slowey, Co-Editor in Chief

A blue and black robe is draped across my body.

An emblem is sewn across my left shoulder–Ravenclaw Quidditch.

Sitting in the theater I was shocked. It was the premiere night and my sister and I were the only ones in there.

Was there a mistake? Did we go into the wrong theater? Where was the hour long line that was supposed to be outside all the way to the Atlanta Bread? Where was the dedicated fandom that seemed like they were in a frenzy on social media minutes ago?

Confused, I placed the 3D glasses over my round Harry Potter glasses as the movie “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” began.

When the Warner Bros logo and the Harry Potter theme song were plastered across the screen, I felt as if I was coming home after long trip.


I had been waiting five years. The fandom has been waiting five years.

Newt Scamander, played by Eddie Redmayne, is a British wizard, who brings a suitcase to New York in 1926.

At his arrival, he realizes that the No-Mags, none magic people, are on the brink of waging war with the wizarding community after he reveals his powers to an unsuspecting bank customer played by Dan Fogler.

It was the Salem Witch Trials all over again.

Persecution was a constant theme throughout the movie. Whether it be the persecution of magical creatures, squibs, or wizards. Scamander is forced to retrieve his lost magical creatures as soon as possible so he can write his manuscript that shows the true peaceful nature of the animals.

He wants to expose the misconception that magical creatures are dangerous.

Former auror Porpentina Goldstein, played by Katherine Waterston, and her sister Mary Lou, played by Samantha Morton, also help Scamander with hopes of saving the magical creatures and searching for the Obscurus– a dark cloud that forms inside the soul of anyone who represses their magic.

The Magical community across the world has to come together to suppress the secret of magic from the No-Mag community.

“Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” summons the old feelings of the desire to be a wizard and the corruption that is present not just the No-Maj society.

Leaving the theater, I was even more confused. It was a fantastic movie. The low turnout made me feel sorry for the people in the fandom who missed it.

J.K. Rowing and David Yates have done it again.