Football season reformatted because of Hurricane Florence


Ted Fairchild, Staff Photographer

With Hurricane Florence cancelling school Sept. 11-14, the high school football schedule has been affected. A unanimous vote from the South Carolina High School League’s Executive Committee pushed back the regular season by one week. This means Wando High School is set to make up the home game against the West Ashley High School Wildcats in November.

Coach Zach Neal, who coaches slot receivers and tight ends, is happy to see the missed game will be made up.

“It’s an exciting game. It’s a game we want to play, you know, it’s West Ashley. It’s the guys right across the river, it’s our rival,” Neal said. “And so it’s an important game. I’m thankful we did it.”

The Warriors are 1-3 so far this season, so a missed game could prove detrimental to a shot at the playoffs.

“A hurricane is nothing you can control, and I’m thankful our guys didn’t lose a game for something they didn’t do,” Neal said. “It’s an opportunity for them to showcase themselves and play another game, and a home game too.”

Hurricane Florence mostly missed Charleston, but schools in the upstate suffered from flooding and damage, which could mean more changes in schedule for those teams.

“You play football and you commit to something bigger than yourself,” Neal said.