Giving Tryon A Try

Liz Hipes, Columns Editor

As you surely know, High School Nation came to Wando this past Wednesday with a slew of talent. Among these varied, impressive bands was family act, Tryon.

Taking the stage shortly after girl group, Glamour, brothers Justin and Stephen Kirk, made a big impression on Wando students with their great vibe and energy throughout the performance.

“To be 100% honest, this is it right here,” Justin said. “I got my first guitar at twelve. When I was little, I always dreamed of going on the road, playing my music for people, and them having a good time listening to it. The dream for me is doing what we’re doing now.”

Jimmy Cantillon, founder of High School Nation, carefully chose whom he was going to be spending the next forty days with.

“For this fall tour, we had over 2,000 artists submit to us,” Cantillon said. “[Tryon]’s song ‘Somebody Love Me’… I would go back and I kept listening to it.”

Just like any other up-and-coming band, Tryon was eager to get out there and make a name for themselves. They were hooked the moment they discovered High School Nation through their manager.

“We didn’t care what needed to happen or how we needed to make it happen, we just had to be a part of it,” Stephen said.

The band says it’s worth all the late nights and early mornings to be living their dream.

“I’m so hyped to get up every morning. This has given me the greatest reason to get up early.” Justin said.

The energy between the brothers during their performance is contagious and radiates good vibes. They make it hard for the average student not to let go and live in the moment.

“I wake up every morning and, it’s really cheesy sounding, but it’s just a dream come true to be here right now… and I’m with my best friend in the whole world.” Stephen said.

“Every day is the new best day of my life.”