“Home of the Strange” Hits a Homerun


Samantha Winn, Co-Writing Editor

If you haven’t heard of Young the Giant before, like me, then get ready. After one listen to the rock band’s third studio album, “Home of the Strange,” they blew my socks off in the best way possible.


After looking at the titles, “Home of the Strange” sings the new American teen anthem. Rebellious, adventurous, and even a rebirth of the past — I’ll explain more later.


The album kicked off with the first single, “Amerika”, and yes it is spelled this way. Its about the wish to find somewhere to fit in, and it screams a typical teen quest. Even as a soft opening to the album, it hits home, and makes you start moving and grooving. The new twist on the rising “Amerika” has begun.


This anthem spirit runs throughout the album with “Something to Believe In” and “Silvertongue,” which are contrasted with the unsung hero songs “Art Exhibit” and “Mr. Know It All.” Both groovy and chill, and a little bold, its a rollercoaster of emotions that sparks the more youthful side of a teen.


All the moving pieces in Young the Giant — at times fierce, others more lyrical — may sound idiosyncratic at the onset, but its fine because they all gracefully form into a cohesive blend together.


Now back to the titles. I am convinced they are meant to represent all types of Americans and spark the spirit of the teenager.


That being said, anyone and everyone can relate to these songs. A jolt of patriotism or the opportunity to change, a flash forward to the future, rugged youthfulness and more, it constitutes the new American dream.


I wish I had heard of this band before this week. The music is catchy, perfect for all times of the day, night, moods; there is actually something for everyone. Until their next album release, this will be one of my new favorite albums.