“Joanne” Is a Pleasant Surprise


Samantha Winn, Co-Writing Editor

The days of meat-wearing, dance anthem hits, super-star Lady Gaga are over with her new album “Joanne”. Named for her late aunt, this album shows a whole new side of Gaga that is more real and emotional than ever before.


“Diamond Heart” introduces her powerful vocals and new style of head-bopping music common throughout the album. Already, it’s evident that Gaga has changed her image and its for the better.


“A-YO” follows suit, a little bit more relaxed, and provides a nice clap-along beat to a fun party-minded song. The strong vocals care prominent here as ever.


After that, “Joanne” is one of the more somber tunes on the album, with lyrics detailing the loss of her aunt. This personal ode is one of the more vulnerable songs on the album, and really shows how much Gaga has transitioned as an artist since her last album.


“Dancin in Circles” and “Perfect Illusion” are reminders of Gaga’s past, where her eccentric pop anthems still reign supreme. These songs provide more dance vibes and are sure to satisfy her ravenous listeners with a taste of the pop roots that originally captivated her fan base.


The transition from “Perfect Illusion” to “Million Reasons” is very dramatic, and something only Gaga could really pull off. The ballad is very quiet, soulful, and personal, and it’s fantastic.


The rest of the album is infused with soft rock and country backgrounds as she shifts from her outgoing personality and music to a more reserved aesthetic. A thorough thematic line could be drawn from the louder start to the album to the very meaningful and quiet “Angel Down”.


This album was something that I didn’t expect from Lady Gaga. Always known for her out-of-this-world ideas, I was shocked when listening to her new songs. It really presented a side of Gaga that we don’t normally see: normalcy.


However, “Hey Girl”, a duet with Florence Welch (of “Florence + the Machine), in my opinion, was a missed opportunity to make a really cool track. With a lazy chorus consisting of the two artists trading “hey girl”’s with one another, the song seems misplaced among the album.


Overall, this album is a hit, one that will keep listeners, both new and old, wanting more from Gaga.