“Luke Cage” TV Show Soundtrack is Surprising


Nathan Russell, Staff Writer

The “Luke Cage” soundtrack, based off the new Marvel Netflix series, stars Superhero Power Man who possesses intense strength and bullet-bending power. The soundtrack, is just like the TV show, is powerful and surprising.


The combination of classic Marvel theme music and some diverse hip-hop really pushes me to want to watch this new series to see if it is as good as its soundtrack.


Just as any other TV show soundtrack, the music of “Luke Cage” is, for the most part, instrumental. But unlike many soundtracks of other superhero TV shows, the music has roots in many different genres of music (eg. hip hop, jazz, and hint of alternative). This style of music adds to the theme of getting the bad guys, as seen in the show.


This perfect blend of music types expertly portrays exactly what is happening in the scene with the only prior knowledge of it being that it involves a superhero. As to be expected this soundtrack has it all, music for slow scenes, for action packed scenes, for the intro, for the exit, and the credits.


I would recommend watching “Luke Cage” if not for watching a really cool superhero like Power Man, then for the amazing soundtrack.