The Greatest Showman Incredibly Presents the Success of P.T. Barnum


Liz Hipes, Staff Writer

When you put Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Zendaya all in one room, great things are bound to happen. And great things did happen.
Ladies and gentlemen I present to you: The Greatest Showman.

And let’s be honest, Hugh Jackman really is the greatest showman.

The Greatest Showman surrounds the life of an imaginative young boy named PT Barnum (Jackman) who grows up with dreams that are much bigger than his socio-economic status could provide for.
In the long journey to stardom, PT Barnum (like any other visionary) ran into some problems with money, circumstances and pride.

Throughout the film, viewers were left questioning whether or not PT Barnum would actually make it to the big time considering his greed and lack of compassion towards his performers and his family.

But as the history books tell us, PT Barnum was one of the first real entertainers and the founder of Barnum and Bailey which was later named the greatest show on earth.
With a star-crossed love story between performer Anne Wheeler (Zendaya) and business partner Phillip Carlyle (Efron), a woman with a beard and an awesome soundtrack mixed in, The Greatest Showman gave a new definition to the words “really good movie.”

Embedded into the songs and dialogue are also some important social issues/controversial subjects that were faced at the time and are still being faced today. Issues like interracial couples, accepting others for their quirks and differences, and the hope of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Normally once I see a movie in the theatre, I have no interest in seeing it in the theatre again. But I would definitely make an exception when it comes to The Greatest Showman.