The UK version of the ‘The Office’ takes the crown with relatable comedy


Megan Ralfe

Life across the pond consists of many things.

The UK is a place where 165 million cups of tea are consumed a day.

A day.

Weddings are pretty big there. 1.9 billion people watched one back in May.

But there is one thing I can wholeheartedly say the Brits do better: “The Office.”

Now, let’s get some context. I’m South African, which means that I have a larger understanding of English humor. When it comes to the two-season UK version of “The Office,” it takes the prize. The UK Office is strictly dry humor. Something which is very British.

There is no added fluff.

I will say, when comparing the two, the UK version of “The Office” is another animal. The US “Office” only remains along the lines of similarity with the UK version for the first season. After that, it takes off into a whirlwind of character development. David Brent, the English Michael Scott, is not as much of a fun-loving idiot. A connection isn’t there with many of the characters.

It’s just really funny.

The UK rendition also more realistic. I often feel as if I’m being smothered by over the top antics. Not to say that secondary character such as Creed or Angela continued to make the eight season series more watchable, offering a more broad spectrum of conflicts. Quantity does not always mean quality.

Hitting close to home, the UK Office will forever be one of my go-to series for binge watching.