“The Umbrella Academy” hosts a blend of dramatic characters and an interesting plot

The Umbrella Academy hosts a blend of dramatic characters and an interesting plot

Leland McConnell, Website Production Team

All over the world, 49 children were born at the same time, on the same day. Peculiarly, their mothers weren’t pregnant when that day started. One man tasked himself with adopting as many of these children as possible and ended up with seven of them. Six of these children have powers. When their father ends up being murdered, it is up to these children to figure out who killed him, while facing family and crime issues along the way.

Created by Jeremy Slater, known for 2016’s The Exorcist, “The Umbrella Academy” hosts over 15 stars (seriously, go research it), and is directed by Andrew Bernstein, Peter Hoar, Ellen Kuras, Stephen Surjik and Jeremy Webb, “The Umbrella Academy” is a fan favorite, and another popular series Netflix has created.

“The Umbrella Academy” is an outstanding original series which hosts a blend of superhero and family shows, and is accompanied by an amazing soundtrack of ‘80s and ‘90s songs, which takes my parents back to when they were teens. The acting is extraordinary, and watching each of the hour-long episodes gets you hooked more and more into the series.

While the concept sounds quite overused, “The Umbrella Academy” puts an innovative twist into the mix, resulting in a fresh, interesting series. The show is set in semi-present day, dealing with issues of today, while also adding in experiments and futuristic scientific discoveries.

While difficult to pay attention to at first, due to about 15-20 minutes of exposition, “The Umbrella Academy” hosts many characters including a spaceman, a movie star, a drug addict and more. These characters all have their reasons as to why they are the way they are. For example, the drug addict can talk to any deceased person. Therefore, he desperately wants to escape reality through the use of drugs.

The humor in the show is great, and the show can seamlessly switch from a humorous feel to a more depressing one. By the end of the first episode, you will know your favorite character, and will be hooked into the rest of the series.

I recommend “The Umbrella Academy” to anyone who is looking for an immersive experience.