Trump Bounces Back in Presidential Debate

Trump Bounces Back in Presidential Debate

Cooper Lockett, Staff Writer

Donald Trump needed a big night on the debate stage in Las Vegas, his campaign had been falling apart after NBC released tapes of him making lewd and inappropriate comments about women. He needed a big night and he got it.


The highlight of the debate for Trump was when he was able to bring up the recently released tapes that showed that Democratic officials had payed people to riot and incite violence at Trump rallies. These tapes had not been given hardly any news coverage by the mainstream media and Trump was able to bring these incredibly disturbing tapes to the front of the debate discussion.


Perhaps the most important thing Trump achieved at the debate was exposing the corruptness of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party. He hammered home the fact that Clinton intentionally deleted 30,000 emails, some of which contained top secret information. Trump talked extensively about the Wikileaks emails that revealed that a top Clinton aide insulted Catholics, another email revealed that major news networks were asking the Clinton campaign what stories they could and could not run. The list went on and on and Trump pressed everyone of these damaging emails released by Wikileaks.


The incredibly important topic of court justices. Hillary Clinton promised to appoint justices that would protect the LGBT community and uphold the catastrophic Roe vs. Wade decision. Trump vowed to appoint justices that would respect and interpret the Constitution the way the founders meant it to be interpreted, and uphold the Second Amendment.


On the subject of immigration, Clinton tried to play morality by saying that Trumps immigration plan would rip children from their parents. Trump responded to these false accusations by saying that he would deport drug dealers and violent criminals and secure the border. Trump vowed to stop illegal immigration while Clinton refused to even use the term “Illegal Immigration”. Hillary affirmed that she would support unconstitutional executive amnesty.


The topic of economics was the last discussed during the debate. Trump stated his economic plan to cut taxes on all Americans and turn lose small businesses, the result of Trump’s plan would be an explosion of economic growth and business opportunity.


Donald Trump came into Monday night’s debate with a do or die situation on his hands. He handled the stress and delivered a resounding performance, firing himself back into presidential contention.