“Two Vines” Has Redundant Electronic Beats

Two Vines Has Redundant Electronic Beats

Lauren Insinger, Staff Writer

I have only heard one song by the band Empire of the Sun that I actually like, so listening to this album made me only like that song.

“Two Vines”, released on Oct. 28, is your average synth-pop album including: drops and raises, keyboards, and toe tapping beats. But it doesn’t cut it.

“Two Vines” is one of those albums that if you’re having a kick back party, it’s great because it just keeps playing and playing the same repetitive beats. And if it stopped, nobody would really notice.

Going into this album, I was thinking it was gonna be different and upbeat, but all it delivered was just chill beats with the occasional pounding of the drum kit. To add insult to injury, there’s really no lyrical content either. It’s been scrubbed out by all the tones and whistles.

At the very least, I was looking for something that would give me an ear worm and maybe a catchy chorus, Empire of the Sun.

The album was fine the first few times listening to it, but after the second or third time, I didn’t find anything better about it. It droned on and on and there wasn’t anything really remarkable about it.

Sorry Empire of the Sun, but I wanted to put “Two Vines” on a workout playlist. However, after listening to it, all I want to do is run away.