A New America

Ben Lawson, Staff Writer

He won.

Now don’t go tweet “America is done” because this country might be going in a different direction instead of the liberal agenda that was implemented 8 years ago by the Obama administration. Trump’s president. There’s nothing you say or do is going to change that for next four years.

How about giving him a chance before we hooplah over a president that was elected by the American people? The people that kept this great nation a world leader in freedom.

Since World War I this nation has been a world power because of the people’s vote. Recognize that this is what the people wanted and just because you have different ideas than these people doesn’t make them the gravediggers for Uncle Sam.

We are Americans. We don’t go down so easily. This country has seen the worst of the worst and prevailed time and time again. Donald Trump isn’t going to affect who you are in life. The blessing of free will is given to every citizen in this great country and you can do anything you want. While some will laugh, hate, or disapprove, No one is stopping you from doing what you want in life.

After eight years of President Obama, the american people seem to want a change. Many knew that Hillary would build on Barack’s policies in hope of finishing what he started. Yeah, Obama hasn’t been a bad president, but he is far from a perfect one. He’s added more jobs and the unemployment rate is down….but he’s accumulated more federal debt than all other presidents combined. The man likes to spend. We can look at statistics all day but truth is, people wanted a change and they have spoken.

And I think the people have spoken up against lying, corrupt politicians who have promised so much but delivered so little.  Around election time, politicians will say anything to get elected but when I hear Trump, I listen to a man who I honestly believe wants to see this country greater than ever.

I won’t argue that he has said some things that could make someone maybe start to dislike the man’s opinions, but without today’s drama crazed society we live in, Trump wouldn’t be president. The people listen to things that are taboo in a culture and as Trump spoke his mind, the silent majority started to hear someone that said the things many people were thinking. When I look at the term “silent majority”, I think of people that mind their own business and don’t expect a dime from someone else.  As many have protested and rioted about their rights being infringed, the silent majority stays home and looks for ways to enjoy what they are given because what they have is more than enough.

The country is divided more than ever. Police and the black community’s relations are worse than ever. Shootings have become a norm in America where politicians jump to criticize white cop or an islamic extremist for the sake of pushing their agenda. Cut the bull and get things done to improve the lives of everyone equally. This country has too much talent to destroy ourselves.

If the people have trusted Mr. Trump enough to make him the commander in chief of one of the most influential nations in the world, than I’m ready to trust him too. I trust American made the right decision. I hope America made the right decision. Lock her up, Trump.