Wando Band Set for Success

Russell Glass, Staff Writer

Wando Band is incredible, but before last Saturday I wasn’t aware just how incredible.


After watching them perform for the first time outside of a football game at the Low Country Invitational it was pretty clear to me that Wando Band is by far the best in the region, if not the state.


Wando hosts LCI competition every year, bands usually perform at Wando Stadium, though this year it was hosted at Charleston Southern University.


“[Wando] doesn’t actually compete in LCI, but we do perform” Senior Kat Shoemaker said in an interview, “We always host, usually at Wando Stadium but because the building was knocked down we couldn’t exactly host bands with no rooms to put them in,” she said.


Wando’s closed out the night at LCI with an incredible performance. Even though this was the first competition of the school year, we still managed to outperform the other school marching bands that competed.


“I think it went well” said alto-saxophonist Kate Danzscher, “Things went wrong like always, but overall we did a great job recovering and all our hard work payed off in the end.”


Wando’s next competition is in Atlanta the last weekend of this month before Grand Nationals in Indianapolis on Nov. 10.