Wando Staff Feature: Coach Chris Warzynski


Rae Walberg, Staff Writer

Social Studies and Basketball Coach Chris Warzynski

Q: I understand you are varsity basketball coach here at Wando. How did you end up getting involved with it?

A: I was an assistant for eight years and then when the head coach left and the opportunity came open, I applied for it. I had to do the interview process just like everybody else would, so that’s how I found out about it, but I had already had been around the program for eight years, so I think I had a little bit of an in with how Wando does things.

Q: What do you like most about the game?

A: The speed. There’s always something going on. With other sports there might be a 10-second play and you rest and set it up again. With basketball, you’re always thinking. If you stop thinking for a second and you slow down, then something’s gonna happen and usually not good for you. It’s a great game — always something going on — so it’s a thinking man’s game. You gotta be able to think and do athletic things at the same time. So I love the speed of the game.

Q: What do you hope for your players this season?

A: We’ve done well so far, so I hope we continue this success. For them, I hope they just keep improving. You never wanna take a day off or go backwards. I just hope that they keep improving and our team will keep improving on the court and off the court as well.

Q: I also understand that you are a teacher. What do you teach?

A: Government and Economics

Q: What do you hope your students gain from your teaching?

A: I just hope they understand the joy of things. You know people don’t like politics because it’s usually back and forth banter and some good, some bad. They have to understand that this is a vital part of life. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean you don’t have to be involved. You need to be involved in it if you want to have change. That’s where it starts, so I hope that they get involved. Whether it’s actually being a politician or just going out and voting and trying to change it that way.

Q: What has been your favorite teaching moment at Wando High School?

A: I had a student whose mom emailed me and said their son was excited to be in my class and they weren’t sure what they wanted to be when they grow up but because they were in my class, they knew now that they wanted to be a teacher and be a social studies teacher, so that was kinda cool.

Q: Outside of school, what are some of your hobbies?

A: I love cooking. I love barbecuing. So I like doing that. I like building things around the house: fixing things, like my backyard like building, a fence and a fire pit. So I like cooking and I like building things, being outside.

Q: What do you hope people understand about you as a coach and a teacher?

A: I just hope that when people see me coach and teach that they realize that I’m passionate about what I do. I was a passionate player, I was a passionate student. My energy level is high, and hopefully they can see that I’m passionate about my players and passionate about my students. I’m passionate about Wando and trying to make this the best place I can for players, students, faculty and anyone that comes in contact with Wando.